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I. Agency Mandate, Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Quality Policy Statement
II. Organizational Chart
III. Procurement Activities – Invitation to BidNotice to ProceedNotice of AwardSupplemental BID Bulletin
IV. Annual Procurement Plan (APP), Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI)
  1. Early Procurement Activities
  2. FY 2022 Annual Procurement Plan-Common Use Supplies and Equipment (APP-CSE)
  3. FY 2021 Non-Common Use Supplies and Equipment (APP-non CSE)
  4. Annual Procurement Plan (Indicative)
    1. Indicative FY 2022 APP
    2. Indicative FY 2023 APP
    3. Indicative FY 2024 APP
  5. Results of FY 2020 Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI) System
    1. APCPI-2020

2. ANNEX A – 2020 APCPI Self-Assessment Form confirmed by CSO

3. ANNEX B – Consolidated Procurement Monitoring Report


4. Annex D – Procurement Capacity Development Action Plan

6APCPI Confirmation Questionnaire

Consolidated Procurement Monitoring Report, First Semester of CY 2021

Consolidated Procurement Monitoring Report, Second Semester of CY 2021

Printiing, Binding,Supply and Delivery of Learning Resources to the 51-Elementary Schools and 1-Library Hub of Bislig City Division

Invitation to Bid

DepEd Bislig NOA -NTP


PO No. : CID-2022-016E

PO No. : CID-2022-016F

PO No. : CID-2022-016F-2

PO No. : CID-2022-016G

PO No. : SGOD-2022-014G

PO No. : OSDS-2022-020B

PO No.: CID-2022-025

PO No. : SGOD-2022-041

PO No.: OSDS-2022-020B

PO No. : SGOD-2022-029

PO No. : SGOD-2022-033A

PO No. : SGOD-2022-03BF

PO No. : SGOD-2022-041

PO No. : SGOD-2022- 044A

PO No. : CID- 2022- 049

PO No. : SGOD-2022-038F

PO No. : SGOD -2022-036

PO No. : CID -2022-038B

PO No. : CID -2022-038A

PO No. : CID -2022- 040

PO No. : OSDS-2022-059

PO No. : OSDS-2022-059B

PO No. : OSDS-2022-059A

PO No. : CID-2022-062

PO No. : SGOD-2022- 066B

PO No. : OSDS-2022-059C

PO No. : OSDS-2022-059D

PO No. : SGOD-2022- 068A

PO No. : SGOD-2022-085

PO No. : SGOD-2022-078

PO No. : CID -2022-080