Bislig City Division was established as mandated by the creation of Bislig as a component city by virtue of R.A. 8804 dated July 26, 1999 authored by the then representative of the 2nd District of Surigao del Sur, Hon. Jesnar R. Falcon.

After four years of being an interim division – rewind July 1, 2003, Bislig City Division became a full-fledged division. For ten years beginning July 4, 2007, this division was led by Mrs. Lucia S. Castro, CESO V. The key responsibility of the Schools Division Superintendent was relinquished to Mr. Romeo O. Aprovechar, OIC-SDS on December 16, 2013, a day after SDS Castro retired from public service.

On March 25, 2015, Mrs. Josita B. Carmen, CESO V was officially installed as Schools Division Superintendent – a chance for her be back home after long years of serving other divisions in Caraga Region. Year 2017 when the (SDO) Schools Division Office-Proper was transferred to its new location within the Government Complex in Poblacion, Bislig City. And another building was annexed the following year.

Dr. Gregoria T. Su or “Mam Goya” as what she is fondly called, took over the leadership last September 18, 2019. The thrust of SDS Goya’s leadership is in manifesting leadership in selfless shepherding, unity and equality, learning-centered paradigm, innovation and inclusivity and genuine service.

OIC-SDS Gemma A. De Paz returned to the division as its new Officer-in-charge Schools Division Superintendent effective April 3, 2023. On BisCD’s 20th Year Anniversary themed “Hudyaka” : Celebrating BEST Success, Strengthening Oneness for Learning Recovery the MaTaTag Way, SDS Gemma A. De Paz presented its milestones and accomplishments.